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how to earn money from Flipkart

Everyone purchases goods from Flipkart . But do you know that along with spending money on Flipkart , you can also earn money. If you do not know this, then this post is for you. In this we will tell you how to make money from Flipkart.

Flipkart how to earn money ?

There are 2 ways to earn money from Flipkart : –

1. Flipkart of affiliate marketing can

2. By becoming a Flipkart seller

If you have a good product , you can earn a lot of money by becoming a flipkart seller . Earning money from a Flipkart affiliate program is easier than earning money by becoming a wheeler . So, you know about these two methods .  

(1). Earn money from Flipkart Affiliate Program- 

Flipkart also runs an affiliate program of its own like other   e-commerce companies . You can easily earn money from this, just you have to register in its Affiliate program . After that you have to share the product’s Affiliate Link through your social media accounts or website .  

If someone buys a product from Flipkart using your affiliate link, then Flipkart will pay you a part of the price of that product as a commission . When you have a good deal of earning then you her Withdraw the can.

How much commission will you get on the Flipkart Affiliate Program ? You will get information about this by visiting .  

Flipkart Affiliate Program How to join in ?

To join Flipkart affiliate program follow all the steps given below .

1. First of all, you have to open the site.

2. Here, the home page of the Flipkart affiliate program will open. In which you have to click on REGISTER .

3. On clicking register, a new page will open in front of you. In which you have to register by entering your email id and a password. After that, tick the column of ” I agree” under the same and click on the button of ” Registar Me” .   

4. Now on your Email ID , Flipkart will send a verification link , which you have to open. As soon as you open , a new page will open , in which you have to fill your name , email , mobile number , address and country code and save it. 

5. In the next tab you Website details your website, such as URL, a month that come many visits , website topic and obtain website Ads by category filling Save pay tax.

6. In the third tab, you have to fill your payment details. In which you have to select Individual in affiliate type . After that, fill the PAN card number and payment mode and click on Save And Upload .

7. After all the above steps are followed, you have to login to the affiliate program . Then you of the product Affiliate link should , the product link to the affiliate link generator to paste go and link to generate.  

8. Now your job is to promote this link . Whenever your given link to click to flipkart some of you buy commission will. 

Have the same product to promote to , your way of audience is. Suppose your technology and related blogs. 

If you are new phones or other electronic gadgets you the website to review by , its post product the affiliate is able to link.

Carefully note that, if you Flipkart affiliate program join then you’re going to be that you “when you join Join waiting list” showed Option. You do not panic , you just join it. Because your application Review remain.  

Review completed as soon as your mobile number or registered whatsapp no. But the message will come.

(2). Earn money by becoming a Flipkart seller .

As we know Flipkart is one of the largest e-commerce companies in India. Everything we buy from Flipkart does not belong to Flipkart but belongs to a simple seller . Flipkart is simply a platform to sell and deliver . You can also earn money by becoming a Flipkart seller .    

To become a Flipkart Seller , you have to create your Seller Account on Flipkart. Flipkart will verify your account after which you can list your product on Flipkart .

Whenever someone orders your product through Flipkart, Flipkart will forward it to you . All you have to do is keep the order ready, the other work will be done by the suppliers of Flipkart .

How to create a Seller account on Flipkart ?

To sell your product on Flipkart , you must create your own cellar account. Follow the steps given below to create a seller account on Flipkart carefully .    

1. First of all you have to visit . There you have to register with your phone number.

2. On registration, a form will open. You have to fill all the details carefully. If the mistake happens, your form will be rejected.

3. After filling the details, you will have to upload some important documents. Such as GSTIN / TIN number , Pan Card, KYC documents , bank details , TAN or CIN number based on business registration , business information etc.

4. After completing step 3 , you have to tick the T&C column and click on Register . After which you just have to wait for approval .  

5. seller account approve you receive the login ID and password after site to login Open.  

6. After login, you have to select the category of your products. Then you have to upload details and photos of your products.  

7. Keep in mind that you must upload at least 3 photos of each product . After the quality test and approval , be sure to enter the price of the product and how much stock you have .  

8. Once this is done click on continue . After that you will be able to see your products on Flipkart.

Tips for becoming a Flipkart seller

• Online or offline , which sells what it sees. So, click the best photos of your product and give maximum information of the product .  

• The more buyers understand your product , the less return will come. 

• Always pack the product on time. So that delivery is on time. 

• Write the main keywords of your product in its title and description . Write in as clear and detail as possible . 

• Photos should feature the product ‘s size , he understood right. 

• As your order will Complete and review will come , just the way your ranking will come up.

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